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Transmission Power Flush
Your automatic transmission fluid needs changing just like your engine oil. The frequencies of the intervals are not the same as an engine. Your automatic transmission fluid should be changed every 15,000 miles or once a year whichever comes first.

We want only the best for you and our friends, that is why we use Wynn 's exclusive Transmission Power Flush system for services. Along with the Power Flush, we use Wynn's special additives to help remove the varnish that builds up in your transmission and prepare it for the new fluid. The final step is Wynn's specially formulated additive to help eliminate shudder, ensure smooth shifting and condition the seals and o-rings of your transmission. This will help get the most life out of your automatic transmission.

Automatic Transmission Rebuilds
When we rebuild automatic transmissions, we rebuild them to exceed original manufacture specification. The way that we accomplish this is to install aftermarket updates that most often the dealership does not acknowledge. These updates will actually improve the performance of your transmission.
Standard Transmission Rebuilds
If your standard (manually) shifting transmission needs repairs, we have all the knowledge and equipment to get the job done right. We will replace the parts that are broken or worn. We will also help to prevent anymore repairs in the future.
Clutch Repair
We offer you a compete service for clutch repair. Today's cars and trucks use hydraulics or cables and often need repairs to those systems. Sometimes a clutch will wear and will have to be replaced, that is why we use only the highest quality of clutches. We can also diagnose a clutch system problem being minor or major.
Transfer Case Repair
We offer complete four-wheel drive transfer case repairs and rebuilds. We also can pinpoint and repair problems that may be causing a four-wheel drive system not to operate properly.
Computer Diagnostics
Since the early eighties cars and trucks were being equipped with computers onboard to help monitor and control various functions of the engine and transmission. Even back then, some cars had more computing power than the first space craft to take a man to the moon. Today there are some vehicles that have as many as twelve computers that will all communicate with each other. At Precision Transmission we have the most up to date equipment to help determine any problems that you may have with your vehicle, and we can help you get it all corrected.

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